The Embassy is open for the public with appointment from Wednesday to Friday, except on Cameroon national holidays and Japan national holidays.

Cameroon Holidays

January 1st, New Year Day
February 11, National Youth Day
Good Friday (religious)   April 15, 2022
Easter (religious)
May 1st, Labor Day
Ascension (religious)
May 20, National Day
Ramadan (religious)
August 15, Assomption (religious)
Tabaski (religious)
December 25, Christmas (religious)

Japan Holidays

1st January, New Year Day
The second Monday of January, Coming of Age Day
11 February,  National Foundation Day
23 February, Emperor’s Birthday
21 March, Spring Equinox29 April,  Showa Day
03 May, Constitution Memorial Day
04 May, Greenery Day
05 May, Children’s Day
18 July, Sea Day
11 August, Mountain Day
19 September,  Respect for the Aged Day
23 September, Autumn Equinox
10 October, Sports Day
03 November, Culture Day
23 November, Labor Thanksgiving Day


Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Japan

Minami Twin House A & B, 3-27-16 Nozawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo,154-0003 Japan

Tel:(+81) (0) 3-5430-4985

Fax: (+81) (0) 3-5430-6489

E-mail for general inquiries

Email for consular services

By bus : Tokyo Bus No.32 or 34; “Hoso daigaku Gakushu Center mae” (2mn walk)
By train : Tokyu Toyoko Line Gakugei Daigaku station (20mn walk)

Map Download (Japanese) (PDF)