• Visa applications: 09.00 hrs ~ 12.00 hrs
  • Withdrawal:14.00 hrs ~16.00 hrs
  • Closed: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays of Japan and Cameroon.


  • A valid visa is required for travel to Cameroon from Japan;
  • Visa Application Forms can be obtained at the Embassy or be down loaded at: Visa Application Form
  • Please mention type of visa requested (Tourist, Business or Official /Diplomatic);
  • Allow at least 3 to 4 working days to consider your visa application;
  • The first entry into Cameroon has to take place within a period of three (3) months as from the date of visa issue;
  • There are cases in which additional documents may be requested following the submission of application.


  1. A Passport, valid for at least six (6) months;
  2. A visa application form duly filled. When filling the application, the signature must be the same as the one in the traveler’s passport;
  3. A passport-size photograph (black and white or colour with name of applicant at the back) affixed on the application form;
  4. Travel Booking declaration from a travel agency or e-ticket;
  5. A Hotel reservation;
  6. A Letter of Guarantee from your company and/or an Invitation Letter from the third party in Cameroon; in the case of housewives/unemployed applicants, a Letter of Guarantee from a family member would be required;
  7. A Photocopy of vaccination against yellow fever; for polio, see:Public Health Announcement
  8. For non Japanese nationals, an authorization to stay in Japan (re-entry visa);
  9. Proof of income or financial support;
  10. For married applicant(s) who intend to go to Cameroon on a long term basis, the Embassy could request him/her/(them) to furnish proof of his/hers/(their) marital status.

For Tourists

If you travel by car, you will require a "carnet de passages en douane" and international insurance, which is valid in Cameroon. (Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is a customs document that allows travellers to temporarily import their motor vehicles into a country without having to leave cash deposit at the border).

For Students, Researchers and Conference Attendees

In addition to the general requirements for visa applicants, they would be required to provide an attestation from a Japanese academic institution and a letter of admission or invitation from a Cameroonian Academic Institution.

For long term visa (residents and families)

  • A Copy of Marriage Certificate (for married persons only)
  • On arrival in Cameroon, they would be expected to regularise they status with the Immigration Department.

Visit for filming

A project letter must be submitted to the Embassy prior to visa application and all necessary documents confirmed.

Requirement for diplomatic & official visa

  • A Note Verbale;
  • A Diplomatic or Official Passport, valid for at least six (6) months;
  • A visa application form duly filled;
  • A passport-size photograph (black and white or colour).

VISA FEES (To be paid only in cash)

03 months Visa: ¥14,000
06 months Visa: ¥28,000
Diplomatic & Official Visa: Gratis

Please Note:

  • The Presentation of required documents does not guaranty the issuing of a visa;
  • The Embassy may request an applicant to appear for an interview;
  • Any false declaration would lead to the rejection of the file;
  • Visa applications by post will be accepted and processed only if all relevant documents are enclosed.

For people who cannot come to the Embassy, Please send a self addressed return envelope:

Within Japan:

  • Mail delivery service “takkyubin”. Write down your address on the collect sheet (”tchakubarai”);
  • Expack 500 (you can find it at any convenience store or post office).
  • For the fees, if you cannot send the cash, the Japan post office has the registered postal cash envelop “Genkin Kakitome”.

Out of Japan:

  • Please do provide in cash if possible:
  • ¥14,000 for the visa fees, ¥2,000 for the return mail by EMS or DHL (¥7,000)
  • Or a bank draft/cheque of ¥25,000 (per person) payable to “Embassy of Cameroon”. The amount of the check covers the following: expenses: exchange fees at the bank, visa (in case of 3 months visa) and return fees. For 6 months visa, contact the Embassy.
  • If you already have an account number especially for collect (Payer Account Number), don’t forget to mention it on your DHL airway bill, Fedex or UPS.
  • If you do not have an account number but use these services regularly, call them of your country to contact their counterpart in JAPAN to request the collect service.

For more information, please contact Cameroon Embassy at:

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