Special recruitment of 1000 PhD/Doctorate holders as lecturers in Cameroon’s states universities (2019)

The Government announced on November 13, 2018 a special recruitment of 2000 PhD/Doctorat holders as lecturers in states’s universities to be conducted during a period of 3 years starting in 2019. In relation to this operation, the designated authorities in Cameroon are now accepting applications for the recruitment of 1000 PhD/Doctorate holders for the ongoing year. All Cameroonian living in Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand who meet the requirements are kindly invited to submit their applications at the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Japan no later than May 21, 2019. The authorization announcing this special recruitment is available on the following link (french): Autorisation ouverture postes d’enseignants  Also, find detailed information on this operation on www.recrutement-special-2000minesup.gov.cm (English … Read More

Presidential Election 2018

By Decree No 2018/391 of 09 July 2018 the electorate is convened on Sunday 07 October for the election of the President of the Republic. The Embassy of Cameroon, the polling station in Japan, shall be opened at eight (8:00) am and closed at six (6:00) pm. * For more information on the process, the Cameroonian community is kindly invited to contact the Consular section of the Embassy by phone (03 5430 4985) or by mail (consular@cameroon-embassy-jp.org).