Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Government of Cameroon has taken note of the European Parliament Resolution on Cameroon, adopted on April 18, 2019.
A Resolution, which, among other things, in substance:
– literally depicts the socio-political situation in Cameroon, by ignoring all the appropriate measures taken so far by the State, to address the multiple security challenges faced by our country in recent years;
– discredits the presidential election organized in Cameroon on October 7, 2018;
– criticizes the relevant and essential provisions of our Constitution, the fundamental law which is an emanation of the only sovereign will of the Cameroonian people;
– criminalizes the National Defense and Security Forces, accusing them of human rights violations”;
– affirms that tensions exist in Cameroon between French and English speakers, and that English-speaking regions are discriminated against;
– accuses the Cameroonian authorities, as a whole, of obstruction of public freedoms, notably:
• For “restricting freedom of expression”,
• For “reacting disproportionately by organizing military trials against some members of the opposition”;

• For suppressing demonstrations, and making excessive use of force.”
• For disapproving the Cameroonian law on homosexuality.
The Cameroonian Government is radically opposed to this European Parliament Resolution, and expresses its indignation at an act marked by bias, which is akin to a string of untruths, gratuitous affirmations, ungrounded recriminations, and injunctions accompanied by blackmail, directed against the Cameroonian authorities and our Defense and Security Forces.
The Cameroonian Government reaffirms that Cameroon is, and remains, a sovereign rule of law, and that it is its responsibility to lead the destiny of Cameroon, in the best interests of all Cameroonians, and in the respect of fundamental values of the Republic.
As a result, it is up to the Cameroonian people, and the people alone, responsible for providing itself with the institutions of its choice and the laws that govern the life of the nation, just as it is up to the people to choose the person to preside over the destiny of the Cameroonian nation.

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